Getting Started

Getting Started

Getting Started:

You just joined the server, now what? If you are just trying to get out and get started collecting resources, simply use the command /rtp from spawn in order to go out into the wild. Please note that the locations used by the random teleport are limited, and if you would like to truly be far away from civilization it is best to travel a good deal away from the random teleport location. From here, you should be able to go out and get started collecting resources.


A good way to get started is to join a town. We will cover this in depth later, but for now you should know that the Towny plugin is a great way to work together in a city with your friends, or make new ones. Certain ambitious players may decide to create their own towns and organize players. By using /town list you will be able to view a list of the current towns on the server. View the recruitment boards at /spawn or talk in the general chat in order to try and find a town. Other players are your greatest resource!


Travel to the player based market using /market. You can buy and sell items to other players here safely and securely. Market stalls are free to any member or above on the server. All you need to do to acquire one is ask staff to help you out!


You may notice auctions in chat, these can be a great way to get your business started! Although you must have the “Member” rank in order to start auctions, anybody can bid on them! Use /bid [amount] in order to bid on an auction. To bid the lowest possible amount just use /bid. To start an auction you may type /auction start [quantity] [price] [increment] in order to auction [quantity] of whatever is in your hand with the minimum bid being [price] and minimum bid increment being [increment]. Auctions are excellent for selling items that are unique and one of a kind, or many items of the same type. You may auction more than 64 of any item, up to the amount that is in your inventory.

Sign Shops:

At some point you may want to open up your own shop. This is made possible by the use of sign shops.  All players with the “Member” rank or above will have access to sign shops. To use sign shops, first create a chest and then place a sign on it. On the first line put the text “[Buy]”, on the second line, put the name of the item you are selling, it does not have to be exact. You may leave the third line empty. On the final line, put the price you wish to sell your item at. Now, place your item in the quantity that you want to sell inside the chest. For example if you want to sell one at a time, only place one item, if you wish to sell a stack at a time, place the whole stack. Now take a piece of redstone and left click on your chest, then on the sign. You have created a sign shop! Test it out by right clicking to buy from yourself and ensure it is behaving in the way you would like it to. To create a sell shop, do the same, but replace “[Buy]” with “[Sell]”.


We have mentioned ranks before, but they can be somewhat difficult to understand.  When you first join the server you will be rank Guest. This is the most basic rank and some of the server’s features will not be available to you. You will automatically rank up to Member after 2 hours of in game play time. At this point you will now be able to create a town, create sign shops, and use world edit on the creative world. You will also gain access to /kit iron which might be helpful in getting some disposable armour. More importantly, you will be able to start auctions, which are by the best way to get your business started. The next rank Trusted comes after 75 hours of in game play time. You will now be able to set more homes and have access to /kit trusted which will help you get some nice goodies. More will be added to the trusted rank in the future. To check your current play time use /ar check.

VIP Ranks:

At Dragon Survival we believe that donations should be just donations. That is why we have made our donation ranks EULA compliant. They offer purely cosmetic affects for players that do not interfere with the game play of others, this makes the game more fun all around, and eliminates a pay to win scenario.