Making Money

Making Money

Making Money 

So you are now comfortable and you want to start building up your assets.  Dragon Survival provides you with many ways to make money. The simplest of these ways is to collect resources and sell them at the player market using /market. This is an excellent way to start building up some capital without having to interact with other players.

Another way, and possibly the best profiting one is to get s a job! The jobs plugin is very extensive, and awards you money for performing basic actions. The jobs plugin comes with an easy to use GUI you can use by running /jobs browse. Follow the GUI to join up to three jobs!

Another great way for resource collectors and craftsmen alike to make money is to use the auction plugin. Auctions are an excellent way to sell your one of a kind items or many medium valued items. Use /auc start [quantity] [price] [increment] to auction whatever is in your hand. You may specify a quantity larger than 64 as long as the items are contained somewhere in your inventory. To view more information on an auction, use /auc info and to bid on an auction use /bid [amount] or /bid. You cannot auction items that have been damaged, but enchanted items will keep their enchantments and lore.

Sign Shops are the final way to make money on Dragon Survival, and they are by far the most worthwhile. This portion of the guide is only recommended for players who are established, have already made 20k-30k by using the means above, and who have property that they may build a shop on. The process of creating a sign shop is rather easy. Place a chest down where you would like your shop to be. Take the item that you would like to sell, and left click on the chest. You will see a message in chat asking you what price you would like to trade the item at. Input your price into chat and press enter. Success! You have just created your first shop. Now place your items into the chest and players will be able to buy from your shop using left click. To change the shop to a buy shop use /qs buy while looking at the shop. To change it back to sell use /qs sell. Each shop costs 10 coins to create and 50 coins to change prices. Use /qs price [price] while looking at the shop to change the price. This is to prevent endless undercutting.

You will want to make your shop in an area where it is exposed to many players. Some mayors may sell you a specialized plot for this purpose that is located close to their town spawns. If you posses the money, it is wise to purchase a warp directly to your shop, which will be advertised for at the hub. You will attract a lot of traffic in this manner. Dragon Survival also offers market stalls in Dragon Town for 5,000 per month per stall. If you have a high performing this is easily worth it. Your shop will also be at /warp market. You may buy multiple adjacent stalls to expand your shop size.

Making a fortune takes time, skills, and most importantly, innovation. What makes your shop different from the next one over? Catering to players will ensure that yours becomes the most popular.

Basic Commands:

/pay [player] [amount] sends an amount of money to a player.

/bal will give you a readout of your current balance.

/bal top will give you the list of the players with the most money.

/shop will take you to the shop.

/market will take you to the market

/hub will take you to the hub.

 /qs sell will change the shop to a sell shop

/qs buy will change the shop to a buy shop

/qs price [price] will change the price of the shop

/withdraw [amount] will give you a banknote worth an amount